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Corvus Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund. We invest in fast-growing young tech projects managed by exceptional entrepreneurs. We especially believe that, at this early stage, the founders and their team are the key to success. Hence, before making any decision on investing, we want to spend time with you and to get to know you and your team, your ambitions, motivation and your determination to build something exceptional. By engaging in a joint project, we will become partners for the long term. More importantly, we will be partners for both the good and for the bad. Knowing each other well, we believe, is very important for both parties and the recipe for success. To enjoy the good and to be able to cope with the bad we require (and promise) open and honest communication.


Among Corvus Ventures’ team and investors, we combine extensive investment track record (among others at RTAventures, MCI Management and Enterprise Investors) with building and managing businesses in different industries and at different stages. Just as ravens (Corvus in Latin) use their past knowledge to find new ways to solve problems, we also capitalize on our experience, our track record and networks built over years to be a valuable partner in our portfolio companies.


At Corvus Ventures we do not expect fancy business plans or 5-year financial models. In early-stage businesses this would simply be a waste of time. In turn, we expect to understand your bold vision, your product and its market and to analyze your hard business metrics to see where you are. We will then want to work together with you on an action plan to develop your company to the next level, to be funded by us.


And finally – whilst we do invest to make a return, it is equally important for us to be a part of the adventure, together with you.


So, if you are thinking big and are ready to cope with the challenges ahead and believe that you are on your way to being successful and see your potential to grow further and faster, we have a lot in common … Contact us!!!

What & How

We invest in exceptional teams to support them in realizing their ideas.

We invest in internet, mobile and information technology related projects. We like XaaS and marketplace business models but we will consider others businesses, as well.

We invest early and are keen to be your first institutional investor. Although some traction is needed (let us know about your project even if you are still not there yet – things in tech tend to change quickly).

We invest internationally. Both in regard to where you come from and where you are heading.

We like simple and transparent deal terms. SeedSummit does a great job in setting out the guidelines.

We tend to be quick, flexible and direct in our approach. We know your time is scarce.

We like to think of ourselves as of a sparring partner for the entrepreneurs we deal with. Happy to crunch the challenges together. But we will not try to run your business.

We are patient. We understand that it may take 5-7 or even more years to excel and win.

And we know you may need more funding, hence we keep reserves to jump in on your follow-on rounds.

We are happy to co-invest with others. The more clever people at the table will not hurt.

Current Portfolio